Natural Looking Composite Fillings for Vancouver Island Patients

Cosmetic Bonding & Fillings

At Dr. Phil Nasralla’s dental clinic we believe that you and your teeth deserve the very best that dentistry has to offer, and for that reason we do not use mercury amalgam fillings. Instead, we use the highest quality dental composites.

Dental composites are a combination of very fine glass particles suspended in a resin mixture. Dental composites are safe, strong and attractive and share physical properties almost identical to natural tooth structure.

When using composites, the tooth is prepared and cleaned and then the mouldable material is applied. The composite is then hardened (cured) in seconds with a special blue light and finally trimmed and polished so that it blends uniformly and artistically with the tooth.

When the need arises, Dr. Nasralla may recommend an indirect restoration, such as a porcelain inlay or onlay, which is stronger and more durable than direct (composite) restorations. Indirect restorations are indicated in cases where the tooth is more worn or broken, or when the cavity preparation is too large for conventional fillings.

These highly esthetic restorations are custom made in a dental laboratory and are bonded to the tooth to provide reinforcement and strength. However, unlike dental composites, inlays and onlays require more attention to detail, including impressions (moulds) of the prepared tooth and an extra appointment to bond it in place after it arrives from the laboratory.

Whether restored directly (composites) or indirectly (inlays or onlays), the tooth’s strength, integrity and beauty can last many years with the help of good dental hygiene habits and regular dental check-ups.

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