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Research has shown that using an oral appliance such as the MicrO₂ can assist in alleviating symptoms of OSA and snoring by holding your lower jaw forward during sleep. This gentle protruding of the lower jaw allows your airway to open more and assists you in breathing without throat or tongue interferences. The use of the MicrO₂ can enhance the quality of your sleep, as well as lessen daytime sleepiness, irritability, sluggish feelings, headaches, and other serious health problems that come from sleep-disordered breathing. In addition, your bed partner may experience and enjoy more quiet nights of sleep.

MicrO₂ sleep apnea device

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The MicrO₂ device may only be provided to you by a dentist who will ensure that the device is custom made to fit you perfectly. This device comes in two parts. One device fits over your upper teeth and one over your lower teeth. Your device will also have a series of additional upper or lower devices; each one made to position your lower jaw more forward, depending on your dentist’s recommendations. There are no confusing mechanisms to adjust on the actual device. Jaw advancements can be easily achieved by simply removing your current upper or lower device and inserting the next upper or lower device in the MicrO₂ advancing series.

To get you started, Dr. Nasralla will examine your mouth and ask you some questions relating to your health and sleep history. Next, he will take dental molds of your teeth and measure and record a bite registration with your lower jaw in a forward position. These dental records will then be sent to the laboratory where the device will be custom made for you. The MicrO₂ device will be manufactured in an FDA-registered dental laboratory. When your device arrives from the laboratory, Dr. Nasralla will examine it for proper fit and function. Finally, Dr. Nasralla will show you how to insert, remove, clean, and care for your device.

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