Read Patient Reviews of Dr. Phil Nasralla’s Dental Office in Comox

One of the reasons Dr. Phil Nasralla and his professional team went into the dental field is to help patients achieve good oral health and an attractive smile, so it’s always gratifying to hear from our patients regarding the quality of our work and how our efforts have improved their lives.

Erin Mandzuk

“Welcoming, comfortable and relaxing”

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Phil and his team of professionals. Everyone worked to make what can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience a positive one. Dr. Phil has given me confidence that the work he has done is the best and provided a deep sense of satisfaction with the end result. The office environment is welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. I would consider my relationship with Dr. Phil, Carmen and the other staff a lifelong friendship. I enjoy coming for my appointment at Dr. Phil's "Dental Spa"!

Erin Mandzuk

Judi Hahn

“Every day I love my smile more”

I’d like to send a special thank you to all the workers at Dr. Phil Nasralla’s dental office. The team is so positive, and they made everything so easy, that my comfort was foremost.

All I had to do was relax and let it happen: a smile. My whole self-image has been transformed. Dr. Phil is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to; at his office, it’s all about the patient.


I don’t know why I waited; every day I love my smile more. No more hand going in front of my mouth to hide my teeth! Now laughing is so easy. Thank you very much.

Judi Hahn


“Up-to-date training and extensive knowledge”

We are very fortunate that dentistry has improved so dramatically, especially in the last decade. Dr. Nasralla most impressed me with his up-to-date training and extensive knowledge, but as well, he and his excellent staff do make you feel relaxed, comfortable and cared for. When I arrived for my root canal on my front tooth, I had just injured my back and shoulder muscle less than an hour before. Their kindness extended to giving me a heated massage pad to lean against, which really soothed my muscles. The root canal was absolutely painless, and as a bonus my back felt 80% better, as well. That visit was worth raving about!! Many thanks and I do hope to return for your professional service again soon.

Julie T. Duncan


Michael Emerson

“The best service in your field”

This letter is a big thank you to you and your wonderful staff who worked so tirelessly over many hours, days, and months to improve my gastronomic enjoyment and enhance my smile.

Many friends, clients, and of course my family have commented on the transformation you have accomplished. Your dedication to perfection was manifest in your work and the results speak for themselves: a smile that makes me happy.

I especially appreciate the warm and genuine relationship that I feel between myself, you and your professional team. My smile is proof of your dedication and desire to provide the best service in your field.

Sincere Thanks,

Michael Emerson

Real Estate Consultant


“Today I woke up pain free”

Thank you!!! I want you to know how much I appreciate your excellent care. Today I woke up pain free and feeling so much better.

Denise Lawson(The morning after having a root canal done by Dr. Phil Nasralla)


Jim Revenberg

“Team Nasralla is champion”

Thank you for the great job you and your team did on my teeth. The atmosphere in your office is very welcoming and genuine. In this rush world it is very rare that you feel like a business you are dealing with really cares about how you "feel" about their product. "TEAM NASRALLA" is CHAMPION in this area. You took such good care of me it was as if you were working on your own teeth. I really appreciate that. You are a hell of a dentist, a wonderful person, and are blessed with a great staff.

Jim Revenberg

Jay Kinash

“I receive daily compliments”

I would like to thank Dr. Phil and his awesome team for the superb care and work they did to improve my smile.

I receive daily compliments and "wows" from co-workers, patrons and strangers, and each time I tell them to "Go see Dr. Phil. He's amazing!”

Jay Kinash

Helicopter pilot

Co-owner of "Fluid" Bar & Grill


Jeff Bartlett

“The most people-oriented medical professionals I have ever met”

I want to express my extreme gratitude for the fabulous job that you did, vastly improving not only my smile, but also my life.

In May of this year, I consulted you regarding a completely new smile, which has been my secret dream for 26 years. You listened, had a vision, and then extended me the opportunity of a lifetime, to take me as your patient to the Las Vegas Institute and give me the smile of my dreams.

Over the next few months and 2 incredible trips to Las Vegas, my dreams became reality. My teeth are absolutely beautiful and I cannot stop smiling.

After years of lips that were sealed shut it is unbelievable how quickly I have changed. My new smile has given me self-confidence. I am comfortable speaking, laughing and having my picture taken without worrying about showing my teeth. Now that everyone sees my smile, the compliments from family, friends and even strangers are never-ending. Every compliment is another referral to your office and a warm thought for what you have done for me.

So to you I say, thank you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for coming in on your weekends when I broke my temps. You and your staff are the most people-oriented medical professionals I have ever met. Your receptionists, hygienist and assistants are incredibly warm and friendly. They go the extra mile to accommodate patients’ needs. Your caring attitude is incredibly comforting to a needle-fearing patient! I greatly appreciate your professionalism, as well. Thank you for changing my life.

Most of all, thank you for the smile.

You are not only my dentist, you are a true friend. I will never forget you and your staff for what you have done.

Jeff Bartlett

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