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NuCalm™ is a revolutionary technology proven to naturally relax the body without drugs. The NuCalm™ system causes effective, safe anxiolysis where a deep relaxed state is induced and maintained for the entire experience.

The benefits of NuCalm™ for dental treatment include:

  • Significantly reduces patients’ motor responses, resulting in:
      • Reduced salivary flow
      • Reduced gag reflex
      • Reduced white knuckling
      • Reduced jerking, or startled responses
      • Reduced muscle tension in the head and neck
  • The patient is manageable without being rendered chemically unconscious.
  • No narcotics or controlled substances are used for NuCalm™ experience. The system naturally mimics the body’s pathways for preparing for sleep.
  • The patient can come and go on their own with no recovery time or supervision required.
  • The patient’s post-treatment experience is a feeling of relaxation & rejuvenation.
  • There is no risk to the dental team administering NuCalm. They do not need to act as part time anesthesiologists, monitoring their patient’s vital signs.

If you think NuCalm could be of benefit to you, please contact us to schedule an appointment.


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