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Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a potentially harmful health condition, and in some cases life-threatening. OSA occurs when the airway is completely or partially collapsing repeatedly while one sleeps, and causes oxygen deprivation to the entire body. Essentially,  anyone afflicted with OSA is suffocating in their sleep.

Snoring is often a sign of OSA but not proof of the condition.  Diagnosis of OSA is ascertained through a sleep screening /study (done at home or at a sleep clinic) to record any sleep breathing disorder /events throughout the night.  The findings are interpreted by a physician who then makes the official diagnosis. 

OSA has been linked to the following health risks:
High blood pressure 
High cholesterol 
Fatigue and sleepiness 
Difficulty concentrating
Weight gain/difficulty losing weight
Loss of enjoyment of life

Dr. Nasralla is highly trained to screen for sleep breathing disorders and will work with your physician to best treat your condition based on the diagnosis and recommendations from your medical doctor.

Call Dr. Nasralla's clinic to book an OSA consultation and sleep screening.
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